Acquaintance Party 2015

The ambiance last August 05, 2015 was elegantly fantastic as Winzelle International College with its Sisters schools celebrated its Pioneering party at Royce Convention Astoria.

The students and Staffs walk with astonishing smiles at the Red Carpet with their elegant Black and White modern and formal attire. The party was opened by the President of the School, Ms. Hazel H. Go, RN as she formally introduces the Newest School in Town, the Winzelle to the Crowd and was continued by the Loud clapped from the audience.

The next thing happened was the Pledge of Officers of every section, they stood with confident while facing the crowd as they pronounce the pledged word by word.

The PowerPoint presentation showed the Newly elected officials as they were called one-by-one to the stage and was formally introduced to the crowd. The Pledge of giving their best services to their fellow students and will do a great work as time goes by.


The party was filled with Joy and Happiness, Students were able to show their talents to crowds. And this was also the time, The first ever Performances of two clubs of WIC The Drizelle (Singing Club) they Wowed the crowd as they sing with vigor and confidence and it is really entertaining. The WIC Dance troops put up a fire in the middle of the party as they dance gloriously while sweating. it was really fun that even the crowd watching them were able to dance because of the essence surrounds the event.

The party implemented different Competitions, Singing, and Dancing. It was fun watching them performing confidently in front of millions of eyes, but it was nothing to them because of their Aim to win and bring home the Bacon.

The students were so excited for the things that may happen. The party lasts for almost 8 Hours because of fun and enjoyment.

Students were able to make friends with their schoolmates. Getting to know each other and had selfies together. Awards were given to the students who stand out in that event, Such as the earliest person who arrived was awarded as Early birds students were also awarded as Darling of the Crowd Face of the night Best dress/attire and The King and Queen of the night.

The event left a mark on each students mind for it was memorable and Fun. Students enjoyed and left the event with a happy thought.